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Company FAQ

What is the effect of light transmittance compared with the flag cloth of weak solvent and heat subl

Compared with the hot sublimation banner cloth, the negative effect of the weak solvent flag cloth is less than ideal, which can be achieved through 80% of the appearance. 

What is your packing method?

Our packing methods include carton and paper tube. In fact our quotations are for carton packaging. If you need paper tube packaging, extra fee is needed. But the safety level increases in this way. It is absolutely value-added service.

What’s the difference between direct printing and paper transfer?

Paper transfer: The ink is printed on a piece of paper and, with a temperature of 180 degrees - 210 degrees Celsius, the ink is transferred from the paper to the fabric surface.Direct printing: The ink touches the fabric surface directly. With a temperature of 180 degrees - 210 degrees Celsius, the color is fixed.

Can you provide flame retardancy certificate from other countries?

Which country do you need a certificate from? If you buy our products, we will provide a scanning copy of the certificate with our official seal. Now there are many companies copying and modifying our certificate. We find many recently. If you have a certificate like this, we can identify it for you to prevent troubles when it is sent to your customer. (Here we lay a question to let our customer take the initiative to tell you your current competitors. Of course Lofty Xuan and Age are indeed copying our FR certificate.)

Can your products be printed with UV and Latex inks?

Of course. Each of our products can be printed with UV and Latex inks. What type is your machine and your ink? I will give you a further confirmation.

If I buy in large quantity, can I have a discount?

Certainly. The quotation I just provided is based on 10 rolls of one type of product and one width. If you buy in larger quantity than this, I’ll definitely give you a discount. Do you need 20 rolls or 30 rolls?

The brand of our machine is ***, can we use your fabric?

What ink do you use? If it’s eco-solvent or solvent ink then the answer is no. But our fabric can be used if your machine is adapted. I’m not clear about the details but you can consult our engineers on this. Applicable types of ink for our fabric include water-based dye sublimation ink, UV ink, Latex ink and paper transfer ink.