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Product FAQ

Can we return or exchange the products after buying?

Why do you want to return or exchange the products? Do you buy excessively and would like us to sell them for you? Or do you want to exchange for some products that you haven’t bought before? If it’s for the former reason, it takes us some time to do this. If it’s for the latter reason, we have a limitation to the quantity of new products you’d like to buy. 

What are the regular widths of your products?

There is a big difference between the width of regular products and that of the stock. If our customers place orders then we have products of regular widths, if not then we don’t have them. Which width do you need? Let me confirm it for you.

How long is the lifetime of your fabrics if they are used outdoor?

Flag fabrics are normally used outdoor. The time we suggest is 3 months. If the customer says the time is too short, you can answer generally our customers will change them after 3 months because it is advertising. Of course there are customers who say they use them for a year.

Why are your fabrics so expensive?

Whether they are expensive or not is relative. In fact we don’t produce mediocre products because they don’t have a lower limit. If we produce according to mediocre standard, we can give you a lower price. However, the quality of after-sale service can’t be guaranteed. Of course there are a lot of customers who use our second-grade or third-grade products saying that these products are far better than what they are currently buying. Nevertheless, we will tell these customers directly that the price of these products doesn’t cover after-sale service. In fact all these products are within our sales range. Please tell me which kind of product you’d like to have.We are aiming at doing long-term business rather than a one-shot deal. In fact any enterprise needs profit to maintain the after-sale service. An enterprise without profit may disappear without a warning. And where are you going to find the after-sale service then?