Advantages and usage of direct spraying cloth.

Time: 2018-05-08
In the sublimation direct injection machine with the sublimation ink to design print directly to a digital direct injection of cloth, after waiting for slightly dry ink will have good print digital cloth in a hair color machine heating to 180-210 degrees, will be the color of the ink fully reflected.
Advantages of digital direct spraying.
1) compared with traditional printing, the materials used and printed ink are environment-friendly products, pollution-free wastewater discharge and environmentally friendly.
2) without the cost of printing, pictures can be used for artistic production and production, which is quick and accurate and easy to modify.
3) the printed images are of unlimited precision, wide application range, true colors and high saturation.
4) it can be produced in small batches, which cost less than traditional printing.
5) for digital direct spraying with fixed code, one person can complete operation, save labor, and save cost.
6) there is no pollution in the working environment, and the textile printing machine is equipped with air filtration system to ensure the safe and comfortable working environment.
7) the overall printing cost is lower than that of the traditional digital printing industry, and the heat transfer printing with better effect will save the cost of transfer paper and the waste of raw materials.
8) the type of machine that can be used to sublimate the direct spraying cloth: mimaki, muto, honghua, dgen, zimmer, dupont.
9) ink model: heat and sublimation disperse ink jet.
It can be used as digital direct injection raw materials: spring yarns, Oxford cloth, non-woven fabrics, warp knitted fabric, jingle cloth, flame retardant cloth, etc.

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