The future trend of digital printing industry

The future trend of digital printing industry

At present, as the textile industry internal structure readjustment, combined with external environmental storm intensified, and the new round of industry pattern is a positive change, many traditional printing factory in a few months the national environmental protection under the assault, already struggling now, many are rusting. Many people in the industry can not help worrying about the future of printing industry, but there is still a printing method in the textile industry with broad prospects -- digital printing.

Today, digital printing has made great progress in many aspects, such as printing speed and clarity.

Today, in order to meet the personalized needs of different people, and the pursuit of fashion trend of young atmosphere, more and more high to the requirement of printing speed, traditional printing cycle before long heavy and complicated, often appear all sorts of problems. With its own digital printing, it has met the demand of personalized small batch customization. In addition to this advantage, digital printing has many other advantages, such as bright colors, clear patterns, environmental protection and pollution-free.

We have learned, at present Europe's tradition of dyeing and printing enterprise has to stop new printing and dyeing processing capacity, including flat screen production line is very complicated to operate, production speed is slow, has been basically eliminated by the market, its market share by basic digital printing instead. Rotary screen printing for speed faster, lower cost, but the pollution is serious, some enterprises keep running, along with the high speed digital printing equipment, equipment procurement and cheaper price, the traditional printing market share will be continuously compressed, nowadays almost all European and American area new printing capacity for digital printing.

S + C as thermal sublimation material industry leader, deep in the field of heat sublimation consumables for a long time, so far there have been nine years, with the development of digital printing industry's filling, as early as a few years ago, they spend a lot of money, set all power enterprises, vigorously develop, satisfy the customer at the same time as the industry leader.