China has become the world's largest producer of synthetic fiber

Time: 2018-07-17
Business club, June 1, according to the latest statistics show that FiberOrganon in 2009, while under the influence of the global financial crisis, the world production of various kinds of fiber only slightly decreased by 1% compared with 2008, 69.611 million tons. Among them, the artificial fibers (or chemical fibers) reached 462.55 million tons, up 1.5% year on year. Natural fibers reached 23.356,000 tons, down 5.7 percent year on year. Man-made fibers and natural fibers accounted for 66.4% and 33.6% of total fiber production respectively.
Of up to eighty percent of man-made fiber synthetic fiber, which is given priority to with polyester fiber, output of 31.937 million tons, accounting for seventy percent of the man-made fiber production, production of various kinds of fiber in the world has reached to forty percent and a half.
The world's largest producer of synthetic fiber is mainland China, with 23.13 million tons. This is an increase of 6.7% over 2008, accounting for 61.2% of the world's total synthetic fiber production. Second, India also increased by 11.6% year on year, accounting for 7.9%. Other major producing areas, the United States and Japan reduced by 15.4% and 26.1% respectively. China, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia and other countries have seen a slight decrease and their share has increased. The data reflect that the world center for synthetic fiber production is continuing to move from the traditional us dollar fund, eu fund and other developed economies to China, India and other emerging regions in Asia.

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